This is a gazetteer of the Volga German colonies (Mother and Daughter) as well as other geographical locations significant to the history of the Volga Germans.
Over the centuries, the German colonies along the Volga River have been known by a variety of names in both Russian and German. Not only did colonies often have both a German and a Russian name, but there are various forms of translations and transliterations that can be used among Russian, German, and English. Once the colonists arrived in North or South America, another set of spellings often came into use. This gazetteer was assembled to aid in identifying a colony by the variety of names by which it was known and to identify the standardized names used throughout this website. In alphabetizing the entries of this gazetteer, the German umlaut has been ignored.
Colonies: Daughter Colonies | Mennonite Colonies | Original Colonies | Resettlements | Samara Colonies
Origins: Germany | France | Poland
Immigration: Argentina | Brazil | Canada | United States
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Names See
F. M. Parera (Argentina) Parera, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province
Faifer (Original Colonies) Pfeifer
Fajfer (Original Colonies) Pfeifer
Falkenstein, Kr. Donnersberg, Rheinland-Palatinate (Germany) Falkenstein, Kr. Donnersberg, Rheinland-Palatinate
Fargo, Ellis Co., Oklahoma (United States) Fargo, Ellis Co., Oklahoma
Fauerbach, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen (Germany) Fauerbach, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen
Faustio M. Parera (Argentina) Parera, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province
Faxinalzinho (Brazil) Faxinalzinho, Teixeira Soares Municipality, Paraná
Federal (Argentina) Federal, Departamento Federal, Entre Ríos Province
Federal City (Argentina) Federal, Departamento Federal, Entre Ríos Province
Federalsburg, Caroline Co., Maryland (United States) Federalsburg, Caroline Co., Maryland
Feifer (Original Colonies) Pfeifer
Feldrennach, Kr. Enz, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Feldrennach, Kr. Enz, Baden-Württemberg
Fellingshausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Fellingshausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Filipovka (Original Colonies) Philippsfeld
Fink (1) (Daughter Colonies) Finkenheim
Fink (2) (Daughter Colonies) Fink (2)
Fink (3) (Daughter Colonies) Köppental (am Mius)
Fink (4) (Daughter Colonies) Fink (4)
Fink (5) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Finkenheim (Daughter Colonies) Finkenheim
Finkovy (Daughter Colonies) Finkenheim
Fischborn, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen (Germany) Fischborn, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Fischer (Original Colonies) Fischer
Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan (United States) Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan
Florskaya (Daughter Colonies) Gnadenflur
Florskoye (Daughter Colonies) Gnadenflur
Florstadt, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen (Germany) Florstadt, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen
Follett, Lipscomb Co., Texas (United States) Follett, Lipscomb Co., Texas
Folmar (Original Colonies) Volmer
Folmer (Original Colonies) Volmer
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin (United States) Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin
Forsyth, Rosebud Co., Montana (United States) Forsyth, Rosebud Co., Montana
Fort Collins, Larimer Co., Colorado (United States) Fort Collins, Larimer Co., Colorado
Fort Dodge, Webster Co., Iowa (United States) Fort Dodge, Webster Co., Iowa
Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., Colorado (United States) Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., Colorado
Frank (Original Colonies) Frank
Frank Chutor (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Frank Khutor (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Franker Chutor (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Franker Khutor (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Fränkisch-Crumbach, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen (Germany) Fränkisch-Crumbach, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen
Frankreich (Daughter Colonies) Frankreich
Franzenheim (Daughter Colonies) Franzenheim
Franzosen (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Franzusky (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Frei-Laubersheim, Kr. Bad Kreutznach, Rheinland-Palatinate (Germany) Frei-Laubersheim, Kr. Bad Kreutznach, Rheinland-Palatinate
Freidorf (Daughter Colonies) Freidorf
Freistett (Rheinau), Kr. Ortenau, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Freistett (Rheinau), Kr. Ortenau, Baden-Württemberg
Fresenheim (Mennonite Colonies) Fresenheim
Fresental (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Fresenthal (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Fresno, Fresno Co., California (United States) Fresno, Fresno Co., California
Freudental, Kr. Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Freudental, Kr. Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg
Friedenberg (Daughter Colonies) Friedenberg
Friedenfeld (1) (Daughter Colonies) Friedenfeld (1)
Friedenfeld (2) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (2)
Friedenheim (Daughter Colonies) Friedenheim
Friedental (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (2)
Friedental (1) (Daughter Colonies) Friedental (1)
Friedenthal (Daughter Colonies) Friedental (1)
Friedrichstal, Karlsruhe Stadt, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Friedrichstal, Karlsruhe Stadt, Baden-Württemberg
Friend, Saline Co., Nebraska (United States) Friend, Saline Co., Nebraska
Fritz (Daughter Colonies) Fritzendorf
Fritzen-Chutor (Daughter Colonies) Fritzendorf
Fritzen-Khutor (Daughter Colonies) Fritzendorf
Fritzendorf (Daughter Colonies) Fritzendorf
Fruita, Mesa Co., Colorado (United States) Fruita, Mesa Co., Colorado
Frunze, Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Oblast, Kyrgystan (Kyrgyzstan) Bishkek, Chuy Region, Kyrgystan
Fuerstenheim (Samara Colonies) Fürstenheim
Fuerstenstein (Samara Colonies) Fürstenstein
Furmanovka (Original ColoniesRussia) Urbach
Fürstenheim (Samara Colonies) Fürstenheim
Fürstenstein (Samara Colonies) Fürstenstein