This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hopeful that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.
Colonies: Daughter Colonies | Mennonite Colonies | Original Colonies | Resettlements | Samara Colonies
Origins: Germany | France | Poland
Immigration: Argentina | Brazil | Canada | United States
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Names See
Racine, Racine Co., Wisconsin (United States) Racine, Racine Co., Wisconsin
Radmühl, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen (Germany) Radmühl, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen
Rainrod, Kr. Schotten, Hessen (Germany) Rainrod, Kr. Schotten, Hessen
Rakowiska, Pomeranian Voivodeship (Poland) Rakowiska, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
Rammler (Original Colonies) Luzern
Ramona, Marion Co., Kansas (United States) Ramona, Marion Co., Kansas
Ransom, Ness Co., Kansas (United States) Ransom, Ness Co., Kansas
Räsanowka (Original Colonies) Näb
Raskatovka (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Raskatovo (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Raskaty (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Rasovka (Original Colonies) Leichtling
Rasowka (Original Colonies) Leichtling
Rastrigen Khutor (Daughter Colonies) Wiesenfeld
Ravnopolye (Daughter Colonies) Kippel
Reckershausen, Kr. Rhein-Hunsrück, Hessen (Germany) Reckershausen, Kr. Rhein-Hunsrück, Hessen
Red Oak, Montgomery Co., Iowa (United States) Red Oak, Montgomery Co., Iowa
Reedley, Fresno Co., California (United States) Reedley, Fresno Co., California
Reese, Tuscola & Saginaw Counties, Michigan (United States) Reese, Tuscola & Saginaw Counties, Michigan
Reffino (Argentina) Reffino, Departamento Paraná, Entre Ríos Province
Reichelsheim, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen (Germany) Reichelsheim, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen
Reichenbach, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen (Germany) Reichenbach, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen
Reinhard (Original Colonies) Reinhard
Reinhardt (Original Colonies) Reinhard
Reinhart (Original Colonies) Reinhard
Reinhold (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Reinsfeld (Samara Colonies) Reinsfeld
Reinwald (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Reiskirchen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Reiskirchen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Remennikovo (Daughter Colonies) Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Remmler (Original Colonies) Luzern
Repnoye (Daughter Colonies) Schöndorf
Resanovka (Original Colonies) Näb
Rexburg, Madison Co., Idaho (United States) Rexburg, Madison Co., Idaho
Rezanovka (Original Colonies) Näb
Rezanowka (Original Colonies) Näb
Rezovka (Original Colonies) Leichtling
Rezowka (Original Colonies) Leichtling
Rheinbischofsheim, Stadt Rheinau, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Rheinbischofsheim, Stadt Rheinau, Baden-Württemberg
Rheindürkheim, Worms Stadt, Rheinland-Palatinate (Germany) Rheindürkheim, Worms Stadt, Rheinland-Palatinate
Riebensdorf (Russia) Riebensdorf
Riga (Daughter Colonies) Riga
Rimbach (Odenwald), Kr. Bergstraße, Hessen (Germany) Rimbach (Odenwald), Kr. Bergstraße, Hessen
Rimhorn, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen (Germany) Rimhorn, Kr. Odenwald, Hessen
Rincón del Gato (Argentina) Rincón del Gato, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province
Rinderbügen, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen (Germany) Rinderbügen, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen
Ritzville, Adams Co., Washington (United States) Ritzville, Adams Co., Washington
Rivera (Argentina) Rivera, Adolfo Alsina Partido, Buenos Aires Province
Riverdale (Chicago), Cook Co., Illinois (United States) Riverdale (Chicago), Cook Co., Illinois
Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming (United States) Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming
Rjäsanowka (Original Colonies) Näb
Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois (United States) Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois
Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colorado (United States) Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colorado
Rodau (Groß-Bieberau), Kr. Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen (Germany) Rodau (Groß-Bieberau), Kr. Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen
Roemmler (Original Colonies) Luzern
Roethling (Original Colonies) Semenovka
Rohleder (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Rohrbach, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen (Germany) Rohrbach, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen
Rohrgraben (Daughter Colonies) Bauergraben
Rohrgraben (Daughter Colonies) Rohrgraben
Rolleder (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Romashki (Daughter Colonies) Straßburg
Römler (Original Colonies) Luzern
Rommers, Kr. Fulda, Hessen (Germany) Rommers, Kr. Fulda, Hessen
Römmler (Original Colonies) Luzern
Romrod, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen (Germany) Romrod, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen
Ronshausen, Kr. Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Hessen (Germany) Ronshausen, Kr. Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Hessen
Roßdorf (bei Darmstadt), Kr. Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen (Germany) Roßdorf (bei Darmstadt), Kr. Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen
Rosenberg (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Bergseite)
Rosenberg (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Wiesenseite)
Rosenberg Khutor (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Wiesenseite)
Rosendamm (Daughter Colonies) Rosendamm
Rosenfeld (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Jeruslan)
Rosenfeld (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosenfeld am Jeruslan (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Jeruslan)
Rosenfeld am Nachoi (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosenfeldt (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Jeruslan)
Rosenfeldt (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosenheim (Original Colonies) Rosenheim
Rosental (Samara Colonies) Rosental (by Samara)
Rosental (am Jeruslan) (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (am Jeruslan)
Rosental (Mennonite) (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (Mennonite)
Rosenthal (Samara Colonies) Rosental (by Samara)
Rosenthal (am Jeruslan) (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (am Jeruslan)
Roskaty (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Rosnoye (Daughter Colonies) Gnadentau
Rossochi (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Rossoschi (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Rossosha (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Rossoshi (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Rossotschi (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Rothammel (Original Colonies) Rothammel
Rothenbergen, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen (Germany) Rothenbergen, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Rother Stern (Daughter Colonies) Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Röthling (Original Colonies) Semenovka
Rötling (Original Colonies) Semenovka
Roundup, Musselshell Co., Montana (United States) Roundup, Musselshell Co., Montana
Rovnaja (Original Colonies) Seelmann
Rovnaya (Original Colonies) Seelmann
Rovnoye (Original Colonies) Seelmann
Rownoje (Original Colonies) Seelmann
Rozovka (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (am Jeruslan)
Rozovoye (Daughter Colonies) Gnadendorf
Ruchheim, (kreisfrei), Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany) Ruchheim, (kreisfrei), Rheinland-Pfalz
Rückingen, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen (Germany) Rückingen, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Rüddingshausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Rüddingshausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Ruit (Ostfildern), Kr. Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Ruit (Ostfildern), Kr. Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg
Rupert, Minidoka Co., Idaho (United States) Rupert, Minidoka Co., Idaho
Ruppertsburg, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Ruppertsburg, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Rush Center, Rush Co., Kansas (United States) Rush Center, Rush Co., Kansas
Russell, Russell Co., Kansas (United States) Russell, Russell Co., Kansas
Russengrund (Daughter Colonies) Grundt
Russland (Brazil) Santa Manoela, Paverama Municipality, Río Grande do Sul
Ruttershausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Ruttershausen, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Ryazanovka (Original Colonies) Näb
Rybnoje (Russia) Riebensdorf
Rybnoye (Russia) Riebensdorf