Algarrobo, Villarino Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Estación Algarrobo
Juan Cousté

In the early 1930s, following several years of drought, Volga German families who had settled earlier in the rural areas of La Pampa Province resettled to more promising areas like Algarrobo in search of work.       Estación Algarrobo was established when a train station was located there on 31 August 1897. The town of Juan Cousté which was officially founded on 13 December 1909 is serviced by the Algarrobo train station, and the Volga Germans have used the name of Algarrobo to describe this area in which they settled.

Volga German Congregations: 

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Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in Algarrobo: Beratz Blattner from Köhler Bohn Brost from Volmer Eberling from Preuss GassnerHaberkorn Holzmann from Preuss Jungblut from Preuss Kern Kessler from Louis Kronenberger from Dehler Masson from Dehler & Brabander Mildenberger from Dehler Ramborger Rudel Ruppel Schroh from Volmer Schwab Schwalje Sewalt Stalldecker from Brabander Swenzel Weingart from Rothammel Weisbeck from Hildmann Wesner from Volmer Zimmermann from Seelmann


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