Arroyo Corto, Saavedra Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Arroyo Corto
La Torinesa

The town of Arroyo Corto (Short Creek) was founded on 15 April 1884 by Juan Biga and Benigno Gossetti. Its first inhabitants were from the Italian city of Torino, and it became known as "La Torinesa." Over the years, many Volga German families moved there.       The expedition of the Stoessel brothers (Adán & Andrés) to travel by car to New York started in Arroyo Corto on 15 April 1928.

Volga German Congregations: 

There is a Roman Catholic church in Arroyo Corto that serves the faithful there.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in Arroyo Corto: Aman from Hölzel Berg Braun from Brabander Burghardt Dietrich from Volmer Dietzel Eberle Förster from Kamenka Fuhr from Dehler Geist from Hildmann Gerk Gertje from Brabander Gerling Gottfridt Graff Günther from Dehler Haberkorn from Semenovka Hammerschmidt Heiland from Preuss Helbert Herbstsommer Hipperdinger from Hölzel Kern from Brabander Kessler Kihn / Kühn from Kamenka Kisner Kriger / Krieger Maier from Kamenka Martel Martin Melchior from Kamenka Molleker from Brabander Ostertag Philipp from Preuss Redel from Hölzel Reser Roppel Roth Rückert from Preuss Rudel Ruppel from Dehler Sauer from Volmer Schechtel from Josefstal Schell from Dehler Schmidt Scholl from Dehler Schwindt from Kamenka Stoessel from Dehler Wagner from Hölzel Weht from Hölzel Weigel Wesner

Notable Individuals: 

- Obituaries published in Argentinisches Volksfreund


- Lápida Cementerio Arroyo Corto (Alemanes del Wolga en Argentina)
- Placa Cementerio Arroyo Corto (Alemanes del Wolga en Argentina)