Santa María, Coronel Suárez Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Colonia Tres
Pueblo Santa María
Santa María

Colonia 3, or the Third Colony (Tercera), was founded in the Coronel Suárez Partido (Section) in Buenos Aires Province on 11 May 1887 and is known today as Pueblo Santa María. It was originally named Kamenka by the first settlers, many of whom originated from that colony in Russia.       Santa María was founded by 24 men and their families:Johann (Juan) ReserJohann (Juan) GraffJoseph (José) MeierJoseph (José) SchneiderJakob (Jacobo) FogelJoseph (José) SchrohJoseph (José) StreitenbergerFriedrich (Federico) StreitenbergerJoseph (José) Meier, Jr.Joseph (José) Schneider, Jr.Michael (Miguel) SchneiderJohann (Juan) SchneiderJohann (Juan) DailoffNikolaus (Nicolás) WalterJoseph (José) SchmidtJakob (Jacobo) SchwindtAnton (Antonio) SchwindtMichael (Miguel) SiebenhaarJohann (Juan) MaierNikolaus (Nicolás) HasperGottlieb SchneiderJakob (Jacobo) SchermerJohann (Juan) SchwindtGeorg (Jorge) Streitenberger (unmarried)

Volga German Congregations: 

Iglesia Natividad de María Santísima (Catholic Church): The first wood chapel was built in 1888. The current structure was begun in 1897 with the most recent extension completed in the 1950s by artist Salvador Schneider.

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