Fix, Johannes


Father Johannes Fix was born in 1864 in Franzfeld in the Odessa District. He graduated from the Saratov Seminary and was ordained 6 September 1887. He served in the following parishes: Rosental (1901-1903), Neu-Kolonie (1903-1905), Pfeifer (1905-1911), Mariental - Odessa District (1911-1915), Kleinliebental - Odessa District (1915-1928), and Baden in Germany (1928-1930). He went into hiding in 1921 for some time following the "Clergy Uprising" in which he participated. He was arrested in 1931 during the sweep of Catholic clergy. According to some sources, he was executed on 24 December 1941 in Russia.


- Biography of Father Johannes Fix (Book of Remembrance Project)

Volga Colonies: 

A group of Catholic priests serving the German-speaking populations of Russia. Father Fix is seated, second from the left (arms crossed).
Source: Germans from Russia Heritage Collection of North Dakota State University.