Gross, Edgar


Edgar Gross, son of Jakob Gross, was born in 1894 in Katharinenstadt.  His father was an accountant for the Schäfer Brothers Plant in Katharinenstadt.

For 1 year he studied at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, and then for 3 years at the Moscow Institute of Trade. During the 1917 Revolution, he was in Moscow.  In February 1918, her returned to the Volga Region where he was elected to the village council of the former colony of Seelmann.  In 1920, he became chairman of the Seelmann Kanton, and a member of the Bureau of the Regional Committee of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan. During the Civil War, he fought in the Ukraine.  From 1921 to 1925, he held various party offices in Pokrovsk [Engels].

He was a delegate of the 1st Congress of Soviets of the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Germans of the Volga Region which was held in Pokrovsk [Engels] from 6-10 January 1924.  He was elected as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the ASSR of the Volga Germans. He was a delegate to the XIII Conference of the RKP(b) which was held 16-19 January 1924. He was the author of a book on the ASSR of the Volga Germans which was published in 1926.

Gross died on 17 December 1929 and is buried in Pokrovsk [Engels].


- АССР Немцев Поволжья. Покровск, 1926 via Alexander Spak.
- Gross, Edgar Jakoblevich ( [in Russian]

Volga Colonies: 

Delegates to the 10th All-Russian Congress of the Soviets (23-27 December 1922).
Standing: Hartwig, Mohr, Gross, Unknown.
Seated: Grohmann, Fuchs, König, Kurtz, Grioryev, Persidskii.
Front: Schönfeld, Irma Fuchs.
Source: Unsere Wirtschaft 1 (15 January 1924).

Delegates of the 11th All-Russian Congress of Soviets (19-29 January 1924)
Standing: Hartwig, Gross, Kolotilov, Leiser.
Seated: Pyatnitzin, Schwab, Vishnevskaya, Kurtz, Welsch.
Source: A. A. Herman. German Autonomy on the Volga. 1918-1941 (Moscow: IGMN-Press, 2007): 539.