Keller, Konrad


Father Konrad Keller was born 1 March 1857 in Sulz (near Odessa). He studied theology at the Catholic Seminary in Saratov and was ordained there on 23 November 1883 by Bishop Zottmann.

He served the parish of Louis from 1883-1884. He was in poor health, and transferred to a parish in the Crimea. After serving a variety of short term assignments, he was released in May 1904. He returned to his love of history, and published two volumes relating to the Germans from Russia in the Odessa District - Die deutschen Kolonien in Südrussland. Volume 1 covers the parishes of colonies Kleinlibental, Josefstal, Mariental, and Franzfeld and was published in 1905. Volume 2 covers the Beresan colonies of Landau, Speyer, Sulz, Karlsruhe, Katharinental, Rastadt, and Munich and was published in 1914.

By that time, his health was so poor he was sent back to Germany where he died 7 August 1925 in Neuburg, Bavaria.


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Father Konrad Keller.