Kuhlberg, Paul Friedrich von


Pastor Paul Friedrich von Kuhlberg, son of Friedrich Gustav von Kuhlberg & Pauline Stephany, was born 18 April 1872 in Pernau and died 23 October 1932 in Elbing, buried on 24 Ocober 1932 in Lecinamkirche. On 22 February 1897 in Mitau, he married Alice Pohlmann. She was born 15 March 1871 in Alt-Rahden and died 18 March 1937 in Berlin.

Pastor von Kuhlberg studied theology at the University of Dorpat (Estonia) and was ordained on 11 May 1897 in Reval. He served the parishes in Katharinenstadt-North (1906-1918) and Charkow (1924-1928). He was arrested for a brief time in 1924. In 1928, he immigrated to Germany and served a parish in Elbing until his death.


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Pastor Paul Friedrich von Kuhlberg.
Source: Jakob Ivanovich Strack via wolgadeustche.ru