Schellhorn, Heinrich


Heinrich Schellhorn, son of Christoph Schellhorn, was born in 1860 in the Volga German colony of Seelmann.

In 1897, he became the managing director of the publishing house H. Ch. Schellhorn & Company, publishers of the newspaper Saratower Deutsche Zeitung and the journal Klemens.

On 26 March 1906, he was elected to the First State Duma by the electoral assembly (receiving 120 of 176 votes).  He was a member of the Constitutional-Democratic party.  He served on the Agrarian Commission.  He was not re-elected to serve in the short-lived Second State Duma.

Following the February 1917 Revolution, Mr. Schellhorn began work on behalf of the Volga German region, attending the First Congress in Saratov 25-27 April 1917 at which he was elected a member of the Central Committee of the Volga Germans.  He was a delegate to the state conference held in Moscow 12-15 August 1917.  His fate after that is unknown.


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Heinrich Schellhorn