Catholic Church - Katharinenstadt

Soon after the founding of Katharinenstadt, a Reformed parish was established in north Katharinenstadt and a Lutheran Parish in south Katharinenstadt.

Some years later a Roman Catholic parish was also established in Katharinenstadt.  The Catholic church, built in the Kontor style near the Lutheran church, was made of wood in 1815 when the Jesuits were providing priests to the parish. After the 1941 deportation, the building was used as a cinema and was eventually torn town and replaced by a park dedicated to Karl Marx. A new Catholic church with a modern architectural style has been constructed in Katharinenstadt with the assistance of funding from Germany.

Pastors & Priests: 

Katharinenstadt's Catholic parishioners were served by the following priests:

Johann Richard (1803-1812)
Nikolaus Mitzig (1876-1881)
Franz Scherer, Vicar (1879-1884?)
Georg Rießling (1882-1904)
Philipp Becker (1904-1906)
Johannes Beilmann, III (1901-1909)
Martin Fix, Vicar (1909?-1910?)
Raphael Loran (1910-1911)
Georg Baier (1911-1928)
Johannes Zimmermann

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Volga Colony: 

Katharinenstadt Catholic Church (1917).
Source: Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland, 1972.

Katharinenstadt Catholic Church steeple (1917).
Source: Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland, 1972.

The Katharinenstadt Catholic church is at the far end of the "square" and the back of the Lutheran church is in the foreground toward the right.

New Katharinenstadt Catholic Church (July 2009).
Source: Bradley Hepfner.

Interior of New Catholic Church in Katharinenstadt (July 2009).
Source: Bradley Hepfner.