Iglesia Bautista Emanuel - Urdinarrain

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel (Emanuel Baptist Church) traces its history to Pastor Federico Roberto Leimann (born in 1881 in Latvia) who had been serving Ebenezer Baptist Church in General Ramírez (Entre Ríos), the first German-speaking Baptist church in Argentina. In 1923, Pastor Leimann and his family along with a group of church members moved to Urdinarrain. On 23 November 1924, the first baptisms (twelve individuals) were held in the Gualeguay River and the congregation of Emanuel Baptist Church was founded. Those twelve were:

Luis Krenz
Emilia Krenz
Enrique Schmidt
Greta Schmidt
Enrique Bauer
Amalia Bauer
Godofredo Schwabenland
Catalina Schwabenland
Juan Zeller
Lidia Zeller
Rosa Spikler
Anna Spikler

The first church building was constructed in 1927. The present building was dedicated on 7 December 1985.

Pastors & Priests: 

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel in Urdinarrain has been served by the following pastors:

Federico Roberto Leimann (1924-1961)
Antonio Gamarra
Pedro Cardozo
David Goffman
Cesar Oviedo
Néstor Gutiérrez
Michael Hundt

First baptism in the River Gualeguay on 23 November 1924.
Source: www.urdi.com.ar

Old Baptist Church in Urdinarrain built in 1927.
Source: www.urdi.com.ar

Baptist Church in Urdinarrain built in 1985.
Source: www.urdi.com.ar