Zoar Congregational Church - Prospect Valley

The Zoar Congregational Church was started in the 1930s by Volga Germans living in the area around Keenesburg and Prospect Valley. Rev. A. Rux was a visiting minister from 1932-1934. The church was officially organized on 23 March 1937 and Rev. Jacob Wagner and Rev. Harry Pfeiff served the church until 1943.

In 1944, the church building was moved to a new site on the south side of Highway 52 in Prospect Valley. A cross shaped basement was poured and the building was moved onto it at a north to south position. Wings were added to the east and west sides and the narthex built at the north side with stairs to the basement and a steeple on top. The altar and choir loft were on the south side. A parsonage was built on the west side of the church in 1954-55.

In addition to worship services and Sunday School, the congregation had a Ladies Aid Society, a Men's Fellowship, and Christian Endeavor on Sunday evenings for young members. A church choir was started by Rev. Samuel Foos in 1950 and continued for many years.

Today, Zoar Congregational Church is a member of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ.


Rt. 52
Prospect Valley, CO

Pastors & Priests: 

The following pastors have served the members of Zoar Congregational:

A. Rux
Jacob Wagner
Harry Pfeiff
Otto Zdunek (1945-1946)
Henry Stroh (1947)
Walter Dobler (1948-1949)
Samuel Foos (1950-1951)
William Strauch (1952-1953)
Harold Rohrick (1954)
Henry Reiter (1955-56)
William Strauch (1957-1965)
Benjamin Kissler (1966-1976)

Zoar Congregational Church in Prospect Valley, Colorado.
Source: Jim Vogel