June 7-22, 2019 - Tours to the Volga German Colonies

Dr. Brent Mai, director of the Volga German Institute at Fairfield University in Connecticut, and Dr. Mila Koretnikov from the Cooperative University of Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe, Germany, will be leading tours to the Volga German colonies June 7-22.

Tour A (June 7-17) will visit the colonies of Anton, Balzer, Beideck, Dönhof, Franzosen, Huck, Kutter, Messer, Moor, Norka, Pobochnaya, Schilling, & Yagodnaya Polyana [along with Moscow & St. Petersburg].

Tour B (June 12-22) will visit the colonies of Bangert, Dinkel, Dobrinka, Dreispitz, Galka, Holstein, Jost, Kraft, Kukkus, Laub, Lauwe, Müller, Shcherbakovka, Stahl am Tarlyk, Stephan, Straub, & Warenburg [along with Moscow & St. Petersburg].

Please consult the Tour Website for additional information.