This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Надеждовка, Исилькулский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Hoffnungstal, Isilkulsk District, Omsk Region (Siberia)
Нахой (Daughter Colonies) Gnadendorf
Нахой (Daughter Colonies) Weizenfeld
Небендорф (Original Colonies) Pobochnaya
Ней-Авилово (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Ней-Бальцер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Ней-Бауер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Bauer
Ней-Бауэр (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Bauer
Ней-Бейдек (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Beideck
Ней-Блюменталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Brunnental
Ней-Боаро (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Ней-Брабант (Original Colonies) Kukkus
Ней-Брунненталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Brunnental
Ней-Вальтер (Daughter Colonies) Klein-Walter
Ней-Вальтер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Walter
Ней-Варенбург (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ней-Галка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Galka
Ней-Гейм (Daughter Colonies) Neuheim
Ней-Гололобовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Ней-Гуссенбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Hussenbach
Ней-Денгоф (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Ней-Дорф (2) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (2)
Ней-Дорф (3) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (3)
Ней-Иост (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Jost
Ней-Кано (Daughter Colonies) Kana
Ней-Колония (Original Colonies) Neu-Kolonie
Ней-Крафт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Kraft
Ней-Кривовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ней-Лауб (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Липперт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Lippert
Ней-Ляуб (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Мариенбург (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Marienburg
Ней-Мариенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ней-Мейер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Messer
Ней-Мессер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Messer
Ней-Миллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller (Wiesenseite)
Ней-Миллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Ней-Моор (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Moor
Ней-Мюле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller (Wiesenseite)
Ней-Мюллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Ней-Мюллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Ней-Норка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Norka
Ней-Обермонжу (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ней-Орловское (Daughter Colonies) Lilienfeld
Ней-Панцырь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Ней-Привальное) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ней-Пфанненштиль (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ней-Рейнгардт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Reinhardt
Ней-Розенгейм (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosenheim
Ней-Розендамм (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosendamm
Ней-Розенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosental
Ней-Саратовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Ней-Семеновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Semenovka
Ней-Скатовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Ней-Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schilling
Ней-Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Ней-Тарлык (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Унтервальден (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Unterwalden
Ней-Урбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Ней-Франк (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Unterwalden
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (1)
Ней-Шенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schöntal
Ней-Шенфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schönfeld
Ней-Шефер (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Ней-Шиллинг (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schilling
Ней-Шиллинг (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Ней-Штрауб (2) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (2)
Ней-Шульц (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schulz
Ней-Эренфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ährenfeld
Ней-Ягодная (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Yagodnaya-Polyana
Нейгейм (Daughter Colonies) Neuheim
Нейдорф (1) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Нейдорф-Финк (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Нейе Мюле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Нейе-Милле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Нейендорф (Original Colonies) Hölzel
Нейер-Дамм (Daughter Colonies) Neuer-Damm
Нейланд (Daughter Colonies) Neuland
Нейман (Original Colonies) Kutter
Нейфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neufeld
Некрасово (Original Colonies) Norka
Немецкая Даниловка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Немецкая Нижняя Добринка (Original Colonies) Dobrinka
Немецкая Щербаковка (Original Colonies) Shcherbakovka
Нестеровка (Daughter Colonies) Morgentau
Ниденс (Daughter Colonies) Niedens
Нидермонжу (Original Colonies) Nieder-Monjou
Нижняя Добринка (Original Colonies) Dobrinka
Нижняя Колония (Daughter Colonies) Unterdorf
Нижняя Кулалинка (Original Colonies) Galka
Николаевское (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Авилова (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Галка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Galka
Новая Гололобовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Новая Жизнь. (Daughter Colonies) Brunnenzug
Новая Николаевка (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Норка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Norka
Новая Поповка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Jost
Новая Скатовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Новая Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Новинка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Ново-Антоновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Ново-Дубовой (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ново-Зоркино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Ново-Зоркино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (1)
Ново-Каменка (Daughter Colonies) Streckerau
Ново-Каменка (Mennonite Colonies) Hahnsau
Ново-Кривовское (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ново-Липовка (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Ново-Полеводино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Ново-Привальное (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ново-Привольное (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ново-Семеновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Semenovka
Ново-Ягодная (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Yagodnaya-Polyana
Новое (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Новое Боаро (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Новое Бордовое (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Новое Кано (Daughter Colonies) Kana
Новолипов Кут (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Новополеводино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (3)
Новотроицкое, Чуйский район, Жамбылской области (Kazakhstan) Novotroitzkoye, Chui District, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan
Новые Ямы (Daughter Colonies) Strassendorf
Новый (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новый Колонок (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Новый Колонок (Original Colonies) Neu-Kolonie
Новый Панцырь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Новый Путь (Daughter Colonies) Bauergraben
Новый Тарлык (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Новый Урбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Новый Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Норка (Original Colonies) Norka
Норки (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Yeruslan)
Нур-Атинск, Нуратинский Район, Навоийская Область (Uzbekistan) Nur-Atinsk, Nuratin District, Navoi Region, Uzbekistan
Нурата, Нуратинский Район, Навоийская Область (Uzbekistan) Nur-Atinsk, Nuratin District, Navoi Region, Uzbekistan