This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Names See
Vadenrod, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen (Germany) Vadenrod, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen
Vaitshain, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen (Germany) Vaitshain, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen
Vale, Butte Co., South Dakota (United States) Vale, Butte Co., South Dakota
Valence, département Drôme, France (France) Valence, département Drôme, France
Valentine, Cherry Co., Nebraska (United States) Valentine, Cherry Co., Nebraska
Valle María (Argentina) Valle María, Departamento Diamente, Entre Ríos Province
Vallée de l'Ernz, Canton Diekirch, Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Medernach, Canton Diekirch, Luxembourg
Valuievka (Mennonite Colonies) Rosental (Mennonite)
Valuyevka (Mennonite Colonies) Rosental (Mennonite)
Valyevka (Mennonite Colonies) Rosental (Mennonite)
Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington (United States) Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
Vandelans, département Haute-Saône, France (France) Vandelans, département Haute-Saône, France
Vannovka, Tyulkubassk Region, Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) Turar Rysqulov, Tyulkubassk Region, Kazakhstan
Vasilevka (Original Colonies) Basel
Vasilievka (Original Colonies) Basel
Vecoux, département Vosges, Frances (France) Vecoux, département Vosges, Frances
Velburg, Kr. Neumarkt, Bayern (Germany) Velburg, Kr. Neumarkt, Bayern
Venice, Veneto Region, Italy (Italy) Venice, Veneto Region, Italy
Verchnjaja Grjaznucha (Original Colonies) Kraft
Verchnjaja Kulalinka (Original Colonies) Holstein
Verkh-Miltyushi, Cherapanov District, Novosibirsk Region (Siberia) (Russia) Verkh-Miltyushi, Novosibirsk Region (Siberia)
Verkhnaya Dobrinka (Original Colonies) Dreispitz
Verkhnaya Grasnukha (Original Colonies) Kraft
Verkhnaya Kulalinka (Original Colonies) Holstein
Verkhnaya Vodyanka (Daughter Colonies) Trippelsdorf
Verkhnaya Yeruslan (Daughter Colonies) Langenfeld
Verkhnij Jeruslan (Daughter Colonies) Gnadentau
Verkhniy Yeruslan (Daughter Colonies) Gnadentau
Verkhnoye (Original Colonies) Sewald
Verkhnyaya Dobrinka (Original Colonies) Dreispitz
Verkhnyaya Gryaznukha (Original Colonies) Kraft
Verkhnyaya Kulalinka (Original Colonies) Holstein
Verkhnyaya Talovka (Original Colonies) Beideck
Verkhovka (Original Colonies) Sewald
Verkhovye (Original Colonies) Sewald
Vershinka (Original Colonies) Kautz
Veselovka (Daughter Colonies) Unterdorf
Vesëlovo (Daughter Colonies) Unterdorf
Veselovo (Daughter Colonies) Unterdorf
Vetzberg, Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Vetzberg, Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Viale (Argentina) Viale, Departamento Paraná, Entre Ríos Province
Viciebsk, Viciebsk Voblast, Belarus (Belarus) Vitebsk, Vitebsk Voblast, Belarus
Victoria, Ellis Co., Kansas (United States) Victoria, Ellis Co., Kansas
Vielbach, Kr. Westerwald, Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany) Vielbach, Kr. Westerwald, Rheinland-Pfalz
Vienna (Stadt), Vienna, Austria (Austria) Wien (Stadt), Wien, Austria
Viersen, Kr. Viersen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) Viersen, Kr. Viersen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Viglain, département Loiret, France (France) Viglain, département Loiret, France
Villa Alba (Argentina) General San Martín,Departamento Hucal, La Pampa Province
Villa Ángela (Argentina) Villa Ángela, Departamento Mayor Luis J. Fontana, Chaco Province
Villa Ballester (Argentina) Villa Ballester, San Martín Partido, Buenos Aires Province (Buenos Aires Metro Area)
Villa Carlota bei Gualeguaychú (Argentina) El Potrero, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province
Villa Eleonora (Argentina) Irazusta, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province
Villa General Galarza (Argentina) General Galarza, Departamento Gualeguay, Entre Ríos Province
Villa General Ramírez (Argentina) General Ramírez, Departamento Diamente, Entre Ríos Province
Villa Iris (Argentina) Villa Iris, Puán Partido, Buenos Aires Province
Villa San Antonio del Camino (Argentina) Merlo, Partido de Merlo, Buenos Aires Province (Buenos Aires Metro Area)
Villach (Stadt), Kärnten, Austria (Austria) Villach (Stadt), Kärnten, Austria
Villalonga (Argentina) Villalonga, Patagones Partido, Buenos Aires Province
Villers-Cotterêts, département Aisne, France (France) Villers-Cotterêts, département Aisne, France
Villingen (Hungen), Kr. Gießen, Hessen (Germany) Villingen (Hungen), Kr. Gießen, Hessen
Villmar, Kr. Limburg-Weilburg, Hessen (Germany) Villmar, Kr. Limburg-Weilburg, Hessen
Vilsberg, département Moselle, France (France) Vilsberg, département Moselle, France
Vincent, Ellis Co., Kansas (United States) Vincent, Ellis Co., Kansas
Virmond (Brazil) Virmond, Lapa Municipality, Paraná
Visalia, Tulare Co., California (United States) Visalia, Tulare Co., California
Visokoye (Mennonite Colonies) Hohendorf
Vitebsk, Vitebsk Voblast, Belarus (Belarus) Vitebsk, Vitebsk Voblast, Belarus
Vodnobuyerachnoye (Original Colonies) Stephan
Vodyanoi Buyerak (Original Colonies) Stephan
Vodyanoye (Original Colonies) Stephan
Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia (Russia) Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Völkershain bei Remsfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen (Germany) Völkershain bei Remsfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen
Volkovo (Original Colonies) Schaffhausen
Vollerwiek, Kr. Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) Vollerwiek, Kr. Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein
Vollmar (Original Colonies) Volmer
Vollmer (Original Colonies) Volmer
Vollmerz, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen (Germany) Vollmerz, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Volmar (Original Colonies) Volmer
Volmer (Original Colonies) Volmer
Volskaya (Original Colonies) Kukkus
Volskoye (Original Colonies) Kukkus
Vonhausen, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen (Germany) Vonhausen, Kr. Wetterau, Hessen
Vorontzovka (Daughter Colonies) Weimar
Voroshilovo (Mennonite Colonies) Ostenfeld
Vorotayevka (Original Colonies) Bettinger
Vysokoye (Mennonite Colonies) Hohendorf
Vysokoye (Original Colonies) Dönhof