Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin

Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin

Sallet reports that the first Volga German immigrants arrived in Sheboygan in 1892 from the colony of Reinwald. By 1930, there were 550 families living there, among them 230 from Reinwald and 170 from Schäfer.

Most of the earliest Volga German immigrants to Sheboygan worked in the factories of Polarware, Vollrath, Garton Toy Company, Hand Knit Hosiery Company, American Chair, Crocker Chair, Northern Furniture, Phoenix Chair, and Dillingham Manufacturing. Many also worked in the nearby village of Kohler for the Kohler Company.

During the spring and summer months, many Volga German families migrated to Racine and Kenosha or even to Michigan and Minnesota to work in the sugar beet fields.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in and around Sheboygan:

Adler from Kolb
Alt from Rosenfeld
Altergott from Schwed
Arnhold from Rosenheim
Arnst from Reinhard
Baechle from Reinwald
Balde from Urbach & Neu-Urbach
Bassler from Schaffhausen
Bathauer from Dobrinka
Bauer from Krasnoyar & Schäfer
Beck from Reinwald
Becker from Dobrinka
Befus from Yagodnaya Polyana
Belke from Reinwald
Berens (Bearns) from Enders
Berger from Basel
Bernhardt from Schaffhausen
Boesch from Schulz
Bolgert from Reinhard & Schäfer
Borgar(d)t from Schwed
Brack from Schäfer
Dahlhaimer from Mariental & Reinwald
Dahmer from Reinwald
Dann from Schwed & Zürich
Deckert from Enders
Diener from Fresental, Reinhard, & Reinwald
Dietz from Reinhard & Urbach
Dottai from Enders, Schulz, Urbach, & Neu-Urbach
Dotz from Enders, Huck, Reinwald, & Urbach
Ehler(t) from Rosenheim
Eichinger from Urbach
Eifert from Basel
Eirich from Reinwald
Elsasser from Merkel & Oberdorf
Engel from Reinwald
Engelmann from Rosenheim
Ernst from Morgentau & Neu-Weimar
Ertel from Reinhard & Schäfer
Feldbusch from Krasnoyar
Felde from Rosenheim
Fellinger from Schäfer
Fink from Weizenfeld
Fischer from Reinwald
Fritz from Krasnoyar
Gebel / Goebel from Reinhard & Rosenheim
Gessel from Reinwald
Ginter from Frank
Goldmann from Urbach
Gorde / Gorte from Urbach & Weizenfeld
Gorr from Schwed
Gossman from Urbach
Gottfried from Philippsfeld
Graf from Dobrinka
Grafenstein from Zürich
Grassmann from Rosenheim
Greger from Reinhard
Griesman from Krasnoyar
Gross from Schulz
Haa(c)k from Nieder-Monjou
Hanemann from Urbach
Hartmann from Reinwald & Rosenfeld
Henning from Schäfer, Schaffhausen, & Zürich
Hense from Dobrinka & Urbach
Herber from Nieder-Monjou
Her(r)man(n) from Enders, Oberdorf, Schäfer, Stahl am Tarlyk, & Urbach
Herziger from Rosenheim
Herzog from Reinwald & Rosenfeld am Nakhoi
Hicks from Nieder-Monjou
Hidde from Näb
Hilgenberg from Philippsfeld
Hoffmeister from Dreispitz
Holm from Beauregard & Urbach
Holzwart from Gnadendorf, Reinwald, & Rosenfeld
Hopp from Dreispitz & Kraft
Hoppe from Reinwald
Horn from Neu-Laub
Horst from Reinwald & Rosenheim
Hubert from Rosenheim & Schäfer
Hugo from Schaffhausen
Ibe from Reinwald & Urbach
Ihlow from Urbach
Jacobi from Hussenbach & Neu-Laub
Jahnson from Krasnoyar
Jordan from Biberstein
Jorsch from Schäfer
Jurk / Yurk from Reinwald, Schäfer, Urbach, Weizenfeld, & Zürich
Kaiser from Hoffental, Katharinenstadt, Krasnoyar, Reinwald, & Schäfer
Kammerzell from Frank
Karle from Schäfer & Straub
Karver from Reinwald
Keil from Katharinenstadt
Kern from Biberstein
Kimmell from Kraft
Klauser from Dobrinka
Klun(c)k from Schäfer & Urbach
Knatz from Urbach
Knaub / Knop from Schäfer
Kober from Reinwald & Schäfer
Krämer / Kremer from Rosenheim, Weizenfeld, & Zürich
Kraus from Reinwald
Kreis from Zürich
Krutsch from Laub
Kuntsman(n) from Krasnoyar, Reinhard, & Schulz
Kunz from Reinwald & Zürich
Lederer from Reinwald
Leffin from Schäfer
Le(o)nhardt from Urbach
Lerch from Lilienfeld & Schulz
Loresch from Stahl am Tarlyk
M(a)ertz from Reinhard & Reinwald
Markgraf from Reinwald
Markstahler from Rosenheim
Markus from Schäfer & Schulz
Martin from Stahl am Tarlyk & Urbach
Massar from Urbach
Matthias from Urbach
Meier from Rosenheim
Menzer from Grimm
Mohr from Urbach & Hockerberg
Moritz from Enders
Müller from Frank, Reinwald, Schäfer, Schulz, Schwed, & Urbach
Moritz from Enders
Neuwirth from Reinwald
Niesing from Stahl am Tarlyk
Ottensmann from Reinhard
Petermann from Schäfer
Petersohn from Dinkel
P(f)ister from Urbach
Pinnecker from Moor & Urbach
Praeger from Stahl am Tarlyk
Radtke from Enders
Rasch from Reinwald
Reimer from Reinwald & Urbach
Reinhardt from Reinhard
Reiss from Näb
Repphun from Gnadendorf & Reinwald
Richter from Rosenheim, Schulz, & Urbach
Roth from Reinwald & Schäfer
Ruppel from Reinwald
Rusch from Enders
Sauer from Enders
Sauermilch from Enders
Schäfer from Enders, Reinhard, Reinwald, Rosenfeld, Urbach, & Zürich
S(c)har(d)t / Shad from Krasnoyar
Scheidel from Urbach
Schindler from Biberstein
Schlegel from Pobochnaya
Schmidt from Laub, Rosental, Schäfer, & Urbach
Schneider from Enders, Huck, Rosenheim, Schulz, Stahl am Tarlyk
Schroeder from Rosenheim
Schultheis from Huck
Schul(t)z from Reinhard
Schwebel from Reinwald
Seidenzahl from Urbach
Seng from Enders, Rosenheim, & Zürich
Sessler from Reinwald & Schulz
Sohn from Reinwald
Spahnagel from Urbach
Spindler from Reinhard
Splinter from Schäfer
Steinpreis from Reinwald
Sterkel from Norka
Vorrath from Laub
Wagner from Reinwald & Urbach
Walker from Norka
Walter from Rosenheim
Weber from Grimm & Schulz
Wede from Laub
Wehrwein from Näb, Reinhard, & Reinwald
Weigand from Reinwald
Weimann from Schäfer
Weinberger from Schulz
Welsch from Schäfer
Wiegand from Schwed
Wingert from Urbach
Zahn from Urbach
Zeitler from Krasnoyar
Zeller from Reinwald & Zürich
Zitzer from Schulz

Notable Individuals: 

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- Lutheran Cemetery (FindAGrave)
- Wildwood Cemetery (FindAGrave)

N. Eighth Street (ca.1909), Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Source: Scott Lewandoske

Volga Colonies

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Longitude: 7.102584
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Latitude: 50.476699
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