Kraft (Straub)

Johann Peter Kraft, son of Johann Martin Kraft & Elisabeth Christina Schuchmann, was born 26 June 1746 in Nieder-Modau, just south of Ober-Ramstadt. He was the second youngest of 10 children.

Peter immigrated to Russia, arriving in Oranienbaum on 4 July 1766 aboard the ship Der Junge Heinrich under the command of skipper Henrich Niemann.

He settled in the Volga German colony of Straub on 12 July 1767 and is recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 49 along with his new wife Maria Eva (age 19).


Sebastian Lambrecht, son of Jorg Lambrecht & Elisabeth Schopf, was born on 5 March 1726 in Burghausen, a small village south of Wülfershausen in Würzberg (today in Lower Franconia, Bavaria). He married Barbara (surname unknown) and they had at least 2 children, both born in Burghausen: Nikolaus (born 1754) and Michael (born 1757).

Krämer (Anton)

Hans Adam Krämer and Anna Katharina Herdel were married on 27 August 1726 in Wald-Michelbach, east of Weinheim. They had a number of children including two sons, both of whom were born in Affolterbach, today in Baden-Württemberg: Johann Theobald (baptized on 1 February 1733 in nearby Wald-Michelbach) & Johann Leonhard (baptized 8 February 1739 in Wald-Michelbach).


Wilhelm Colas (Kollas), a miller, left the town of Wehrheim in June 1766 with his wife and three children. They arrived from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 15 September 1766 on a ship under the command of Hans Karholm.

Kohlmann (Schuck)

Johann Jakob Kohlmann, son of Johannes Kohlmann & Anna Barbara Gruber, was baptized on 2 April 1734 in Alzey, Rheinhessen. He married there in August 1764 to Gertrude Schmitt. They had earlier had a daughter, Barbara, baptized on 12 May 1764 in Alzey.

The family immigrated to Russia, arriving in Schuck on 18 July 1766. They are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 23.

Körber / Kerber (Reinwald)

Johann Andreas Körber was born in 1719 near Heilbronn, in what today is Baden-Württemberg. He married Maria Dorothea and had two children: (1) Maria Margaretha, baptized on 12 July 1746 in the Hüffenhardt Lutheran Church, and (2) Johann Georg, born & baptized on 16 April 1748 in the Heinsheim Lutheran Church. Today, Heinsheim is one of the villages that make up the town of Bad Rappenau in Baden-Württemberg.

Köhler (Nieder-Monjou-1)

Georg Michael Köhler was born about 1731, the son of Georg Köhler. It is thought that he was born in Hengstfeld im Au. He married on 14 August 1755 in Reiskirchen, near Giessen, to Anna Catharina Peter. She had been baptized there on 4 March 1728. They have three known children, all born in Reiskirchen: (1) Johann Philipp, born 11 November 1760; (2) Anna Catharina, born 14 March 1761; and (3) Anna Elisabeth, born 11 December 1763.

Koch (Basel)

Johann Ludwig Koch was born about 1730 in Friedensdorf. He married on 24 March 1753 in Buchenau to Elisabeth Göbel, daughter of Heinrich Göbel, who was born about 1725. They have four known children, each baptized in Buchenau: (1) Anna, baptized 12 November 1753 & died 15 May 1754; (2) Gertraud, baptized 21 May 1755; (3) Anna Elisabetha, baptized 4 August 1758, and (4) Hans Heinrich, baptized 31 May 1762.


Michael Kober married Elisabetha Catharina Mauderer, daughter of Christoph Mauderer & Agnes Catharina Daub. Elisabetha Catharina had been born 10 July 1738 and baptized in the Evangelical Church of Kleingartach, a village about 25 kilometers west of Heilbronn. During the governmental consolidations of 1971-72, it became part of the municipality of Eppingen.

The Kobers had a daughter, Rosina Sara, who was born 7 May 1761 and baptized 8 May 1761 in the same church.


Johann Leonhard Knödler, son of Christian Knödler, was married in Niederhofen on 21 November 1753 to Rosina Dorothea Weyhnacht (also recorded as Weinacht in some entries), daughter of Georg Adam Weinacht & Anna Maria Bricker. She had been born in Niederhofen on 4 December 1726.

They had a number of children in Niederhofen, among them being Elisabeth Magdalena (born 22 December 1754) and Philipp Michael (born 29 July 1760).