Nicolaus Aselborn, son of Johannes Aselborn & Elisabeth Siehr, was born in 1718 in Schwemlingen, near the intersection of the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg, about 20 miles south of Trier in what today is the German State of Saarland. He married 3 times: first to Joanna Krauss who died in 1764 and with whom he had 9 known children; second on 4 October 1764 to Elisabeth Edingers (who died that same year); and third on 14 January 1765 to Maria Magdalena Jacobÿ with whom he immigrated to Russia and had additional children.


Philipp Anton Artzer, son of Karl & Theresia Artzer, married in Wiesbach, northeast of Zweibrücken (today in Rhineland-Palatinate) on 26 February 1743 to Maria Catharina Götte, daughter of Johannes & Anna Maria Götte. They had several children born in Wiesbach among whom were Anna Elisabeth (born 11 November 1751), Balthasar (born 12 February 1754), and Katharina Barbara (born 15 August 1757). Anton's wife died and he remarried in Wiesbach on 27 October 1761 to Maria Margaretha Brungard, daughter of Franz Brungard.

Arn(h)old (Hockerberg)

Maria Elisabeth Kessler was born 11 June 1721 in Steinbach, Oberhessen. She married Johann Henrich Arnold on 9 February 1741, and they had had eight children by 1755. Three of the children died by their mid-teen years. The church books of Steinbach note in 1763 that Johann Heinrich had abandoned his wife and children years before.       

In 1766, Maria Elisabeth took her youngest daughter Anna Elisabeth (born 14 September 1755) and went to Russia. Maria Elisabeth's oldest son had gone to Belgium earlier.       


Georg Friedrich Arni was born on 3 October 1720 and baptized on 5 October 1720 in the Göbrichen Lutheran Church. His parents were Hans Michael Arni (born 6 January 1691) and Margaretha (surname unknown); his grandparents were Hans Jakob & Barbara Arni. He married to Christina Barbara Knodel, daughter of Markus & Anna Barbara Knodel, on 11 December 1753 in Göbrichen. She had been born on 18 February 1732 in Lienzingen.

Arn(h)old (Ernestinendorf)

Johann Arnhold (some sources record Johannes), son of Friedrich Arnhold, was born in Herzhausen, Darmstadt, Hessen. He married 25 January 1763 to Anna Katharina Michelbächer, daughter of Eckhard Michelbächer (d. 16 December 1765) & Margarethe Weber (b. 17 May 1668). She was born 28 September 1733 in Darmstadt.

They have two children recorded in Herzhausen:

- Hans Ludwig (b. 16 December 1759; d. 1762)
- Johannes (b. 18 October 1763)

The couple and their youngest son arrived in Ernestinendorf on 3 August 1767.


The Aqua family moved from Italy to Germany before 1750 and settled in the village of Hattersheim, today part of metropolitan Frankfurt directly across the Main River (northwest) from the Frankfurt Airport.      


Philipp Heinrich Appelhans, son of Johannes Rutger Appelhans & Anna Maria Schuster, was married in St. Lambertus Catholic Church in Bechtheim on 25 November 1738 to Anna Katharina Hueff, daughter of Johannes Georg & Anna Barbara Hueff. She was born ca. 1722 in Waldenbach (Bavaria?).       

Alt (Frank)

Johann Nikolaus Olt, a cloth maker from Rimhorn, southeast of Höchst im Odenwald, left for Russia in 1766, with his wife Anna Katharina Oehlmann and their daughter Anna Eva, who had been born 5 May 1765. They arrived from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 12 September 1766 aboard a vessel under the command of skipper Heinrich Sager.

Amen (Walter)

Christian Amend, son of Johann Georg Am End & Anna Margaretha Kempff, was born 18 January 1727 in Aulebach near Eschau [today called Unteraulenbach]. At that time, this area belonged to the region of Erbach, but following the Napoleonic Wars it became part of Bayern (Bavaria). Christian married on 26 January 1751 in nearby Wildensee to Anna Margaretha Damm, daughter of Peter Damm & Anna Margaretha Müller. Anna Margaretha Damm had been born 2 August 1727 in Wildensee.


Georg Friedrich Altergott, son of Johann Martin Altergott & Anna Maria Pfeiffer, was born in Feldrennach on 1 August 1714. He married there on 2 January 1739 to Elisabetha Gorgus, daughter of Johann Georg Gorgus & Christina Wentz. Elisabetha had been baptized on 7 January 1717 in nearby Gräfenhausen. The couple had eight known children, each of whom had been born in Feldrennach.