Dörr (Norka)

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Dörr (Norka)
Derr (Norka)
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There are three Dörr families who settled in Norka.  All three families came from the German village of Udenhain. The births, marriages, and deaths of the Dörr family occurred in Udenhain and neighboring villages and are recorded in the parish records of nearby Hellstein.

Johannes Dörr, son of Johannes Dörr, married on 9 April 1739 to Anna Maria Wilhelm, daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm. They have 7 known children: (1) Heinrich, born 21 October 1739; (2) Anna Elisabeth, born 7 January 1742; (3) Margaretha Elisabeth, born 8 December 1743; (4) Johann Heinrich, born 5 December 1745; (5 & 6) twins Johann Georg and Georg Friedrich, born 9 September 1747; and (7) Anna Maria, born 16 May 1750.  One of the twins (Georg Friedrich) and his younger sister Anna Maria immigrated to Russia.

Johann Heinrich Dörr, son of Johannes Dörr, married on 12 June 1751 to Ehrengard Köhler, daughter of Johannes Köhler.  They have 5 known children: (1) Anna Elisabetha, born 11 August 1755; (2) Anna Maria, born 14 February 1758; (3) Anna Elisabeth, born 28 March 1760; (4) Johannes, born 10 August 1762; and (5) Johann Heinrich, born 27 April 1765.

Johann Heinrich Dörr, son of Johannes Dörr, married on 1 August 1760 to Anna Elisabeth Keller, daughter of Johannes Keller.  They have 1 known child: Anna Elisabeth, born 13 November 1761.

All three of these families arrived in Norka on 15 August 1767 and are recorded there on the 1767 Census:  Georg Friedrich and his sister in Household No. 119; Heinrich & Ehrengard and their family in Household No. 120;  and the younger Heinrich and his family in Household No. 123.


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