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Moinkum, Shuskaya District, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan

When the Volga Germans arrived, this settlement was called Moinkum.  At some point it was changed to Druzhba, and recently back to Moinkum. Although both are located in the Zhambyl Region of Kazakhstan, this Moinkum, located about 22 kilometers north of Shu in the Shuskaya District, should not be confused with another Moinkum (also called Furmanovka) which is further northwest in the Moinkum District, about 80 kilometers from Shu.

Most Volga Germans who lived in Moinkum have immigrated to Germany.


The lists of the recruiter Johann Facius include Joseph Schöneman, from Michelau, with his wife, and four children.

According to the Wolferborn parish records, Joseph Schöneman, son of Conrad Schöneman, and Anna Margareatha Seipert, daughter of Johann Philip Seipert, of Michelau, were married on 2 May 1753. The Wolferborn parish records report the baptisms of six children: (1) Johann Heinrich, 4 October 1753; twins (2) Rosina and (3) Anna Maria, 11 April 1756; (4) Johannes, 12 Mar 1758; (5) Sebastian, 11 May 1761; and (6) Anna Maria, 28 March 1766.


The lists of the recruiter Johann Facius records that Phillip Faust, age 20, came from Wolferborn.

Johann Philipp Faust, son of Johannes & Anna Elisabeth Faust, was baptized on 24 January 1746. He immigrated to Russia, arriving from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 8 August 1766.  He settled in the Volga German colony of Kutter on 8 July 1767 and is recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 29.

Berg (Sewald)

Johann Christoph Berg, son of Simon & Anna Eva Berg, was baptized in the Assumption of Mary Catholic church in Lampertheim on 5 November 1724. Catharina Münzberger, daughter of Johann Georg & Anna Eva Münzberger, was also baptized there on 5 December 1723. The couple married in this parish on 7 February 1753.

The baptisms of two of their daughters are recorded in the Lampertheim parish records: (1) Maria Elisabeth on 12 January 1754, and (2) Judith on 3 January 1756.

Schwab (Sewald)

Johann Philipp Schwaab, son of Michael & Eva Schwaab, and Catharina Werran, daughter of Johannes & Susanna Werran, were married on 28 May 1754 in the Catholic church in Hofheim. The baptisms of six of their children are also recorded in the Hofheim parish records: (1) Balthasar Joseph, 19 April 1755; (2) Maria Anna, 13 February 1757; (3) Anna Maria, 1 October 1758; (4) Johann Georg, 19 September 1760; (5) Johannes, 7 July 1762; and (6) Heinrich, 12 June 1764.

Hoffnungstal, Isilkulsk District, Omsk Region (Siberia)

The German village of Hoffnungstal (Russian name: Nadezhdovka) was founded in 1903 by Germans from the Ukraine.  Following the deportation decree of 1941, many Volga German families were resettled to Hoffnungstal.

Rosenfeld, Isilkulsk District, Omsk Region (Siberia)

Following the deporation decree of 1941, Volga German families were resettled to the village of Rozovka, which they called Rosenfeld.

Today, very little remains of this former Volga German settlement.