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Rambach, Karl Heinrich

The Rev. Karl Heinrich Rambach served the congregation in Yagodnaya Polyana from 1804-1820.

Rau, Franz P.

Father Franz Rau was born in 1888 in Rothammel (some sources record that he was born in Neu-Kolonie).

He studied theology at the Catholic Seminary in Saratov. He was ordained in 1911. In 1913, he served as vicar of the Roman Catholic parish in Katharinenstadt. From 1914-1918, he served as the parish priest for the congregation in Marienfeld. From 1918-1923, he served the congregation in Josefstal. From 1923 until his arrest in 1930, he served in the congregation of Rothammel. In 1928, he also served the parish in Hölzel.

Reichert, Paul

The Rev. Paul Reichert was born 27 June 1875 in Bettinger [some sources indicate that he was born in Kamyshin]. He studied theology at the University of Dorpat [Estonia] and was ordained on 8 September 1902.

From 1902-1904, he taught in the seminary in Dorpat. He served the parish in Volga German colony of Balzer from 1904-1922, in Neu-Saratovka (near St. Petersburg) from 1922-1932, and the congregation of Saints Peter & Paul in St. Petersburg from 1932-1937.

Renz, Ferdinand

Pastor Renz served Ebenezer German Congregational Church in Portland, Oregon, from 1933-1935. The records for the Pacific Conference of Congregational Churches do not indicate that he served other churches.

Repp, George

George Repp was born 28 January 1886 in Norka, the son of Konrad Repp (16 April 1857 - 13 August 1916) and Anna Maria Weidenkeller (23 May 1856 - 26 June 1949). Shortly after his birth, the Repp family left for America, arriving in New York City aboard the SS Suevia on 1 July 1886. The family originally settled in the Hastings, Nebraska, area before moving to Portland, Oregon. George and his brothers owned Repp Brothers Meats at 774 Union Avenue.

George married on 3 June 1905 to Katharine Miller (29 August 1882 - 22 November 1964).

Reusch, Emil

The Rev. Emil Reusch was born 30 August 1893 in Bettinger and died 23 November 1944. He served the congregation in Taganrog-Jeisk from 1919-1925, Annenfeld (Caucasus) from 1927-1934, and in Tiflis from 1934-1936.

Riedel, Peter

Father Riedel was born in 1880 in Herzog. He began his seminary training in Saratov and graduated from the Theological Academy in St. Petersburg. He was ordained as a subdeacon on 23 December 1901 in Grosswerder and ordained a priest in 1903.

He served from 3 July 1903 to 8 September 1906 as vicar in Katharinenstadt. He served in Marienfeld from 1911 to 1914. In 1928, he became parish priest in Schönchen.

Rieger, Johann Georg

The Rev. Johann Georg Rieger is from Ötisheim (Württemberg). He served the parish in Rosenheim.

Roeckl, Ildephonse

Father Ildephonse was born in Trautenberg, Bavaria, on 27 July 1888. He came to the United States in 1904. After spending two years with the Benedictine Fathers of St. Vincent's Archabbey, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, as a brother of candidate and novice, he began his ecclesiastical studies with the Capuchin Fathers in St. Fidelis Prepatory Seminary, Herman, Pennsylvania. He studied philosophy in St. Fidelis Seminary, Victoria, Kansas, and completed his theological studies in Sts. Peter and Paul monastery, Cumberland, Maryland. He was ordained 22 September 1918 in Mt. St.

Romann, Johann

The Rev. Johann Romann was born in Annenburg on 1 July 1869 and orgained on 14 July 1893. He served the congregation in Beideck in 1896.