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Taquari, Taquari Municipality, Río Grande do Sul

The parish of Taquari was founded in 1764 in the vertile valley of the Rio Tibiquary (Tibiquary River). The name means "river of bamboo" in the language of the native people of the area.

Bakersfield, Kern Co., California

The first Volga Germans to settle in Bakersfield came from Dreispitz and Shcherbakovka.

Biola, Fresno Co., California

Volga German families settled in and around Biola.

Del Rey, Fresno Co., California

Originally called Clifton, the place was renamed by the railroad in 1898 to Del Rey. Many Volga German families settled there during its early years.

Fresno, Fresno Co., California

The first group of Volga Germans to immigrate to Fresno left the colonies of Straub and Stahl am Tarlyk on 8 May 1887. They arrived at the old Southern Pacific Depot in Fresno on 19 June 1887. This first group was comprised of 31 men, women, and children. It consisted of the following families: Andreas, Berg, Kerner, Karle, Metzler, Mehling, Nillmaier, and Steitz. The second and third waves of Volga German arrivals in Fresno brought the following families: Bopp, Bitter, Diel, Gleim, Hartwig, Heinze, Hubert, Lieder, Roth, Scheerer, and Schwabenland.