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General San Martín,Departamento Hucal, La Pampa Province

Villa Alba was founded on 16 August 1901. The name was changed to General San Martín in 1944, in honor of Liberator General José de San Martín (1778-1850).

General San Martín is located in the heart of Argentine wheat country. It is also an important production center for salt with the nearby "La Colorada Grande" salt mine. In November each year there is a festival called the "Salt Feast."

Jacinto Aráuz, Departamento Hucal, La Pampa Province

Jacinto Aráuz was founded on 6 April 1889. It was named after Jacinto Aráuz upon whose land the town was built. The first train arrived there on 29 January 1891. The earliest settlers there were Italians who had originally settled in Uruguay.

In the early 1930s, following several years of drought, Volga German families who had settled earlier in the rural areas of La Pampa Province resettled to towns and villages like Jacinto Aráuz in search of work.

La Colorada Chica, Departamento Caleu Caleu, La Pampa Province

Colonía La Colorada Chica was founded right on the border of La Pampa Province and Buenos Aires Province, on the La Pampa side. It also went by the name "San Rosario" and the school there today bears this name.

Under the leadership of Father Teodoro Krämer, 72 Volga German families came to the area in 1920. Each was alloted 100 hectars and a lot for exploitation of the salt that was available in the area. A church and a school were constructed for the settlers.

Mauricio Mayer, Departamento Conhelo, La Pampa Province

Mauricio Mayer was founded on 14 November 1914 as the railroad was constructed through the area. It was named after Mauricio Mayer, a railroad engineer of Hungarian origin. It was settled by Volga German Lutheran families from Colonia San Miguel Arcángel in Buenos Aires Province. There are also Black Sea Germans who settled in Mauricio Mayer.       

Wheat and other cereal grains are the major agricultural crops in the area.

Santa María, Departamento Utracán, La Pampa Province

Santa María was founded in the Utracán Departamento (District) in La Pampa Province on 20 November 1910. It was never much of a village but more a center for the rural families living in the area.

The following Volga German men and their families were founders of the colony:

Santa Teresa, Departamento Guatraché, La Pampa Province

Santa Teresa was founded in the Gautraché Departamento (District) in La Pampa Province on 15 October 1921 on land donated by Alexander Rost.       

The following men and their families were founders of the colony:

Winifreda, Departamento Conhelo, La Pampa Province

Winifreda was founded in the Conhelo Departamento (District) of La Pampa Province 3 April 1915, three months after the arrival of the new railroad line from Quemú Quemú passing Colonia Barón and Mauricio Mayer. For a while it was known as Punta de Rieles (End of the Rails). It was officially named in honor of one of the daughters of Joseph Norman Drysdale, Winifred, who owned the lots where the village was founded.

Both Catholic and Protestant Volga German families relocated to Winifreda in search of new farming opportunities.

Colonía Convert, Departamento San Javier, Santa Fe Province

Colonía Convert was founded in 1878 by 44 families (of whom 33 families - 169 people - were Volga German) originally destined to settle near Sunchales. However, they desired a place near a river, and the government designated a new location near the town of San Javier.

They constructed their houses near the river, but these houses were flooded and had to be reconstructed at a higher elevation. The flooding also rendered part of the alloted farmland unarable, decreasing the per family allotment.