VGI Updates

Löwenbrück, Franz

Father Löwenbrück was born in 1866 in Herzog, and died in 1913. He was ordained on 12 August 1890.

Lorentzen, Johann Jakob

The Rev. Johann Jakob Lorentzen was from Graubünden, Switzerland. He served the congregation in Sarepta.

Luft, Eduard

The Rev. Eduard Luft was born 19 November 1890 in Schönfeld b. Mariupol. He served in Neu-Stuttgart (1919-1922) and Prischib (1922-1926).

Lundberg, Claus Peter

The Rev. Claus Peter Lundberg was born in 1757 in Nyköping, Sweden. He served the congregations in Stephan (1779-1782), Neu-Saratovka [St. Petersburg area] (1785-1786), Rosenheim (1788-1791), and Bettinger (1792-1797).

Maier, Max

The Rev. Max Maier was born in 1883. He served the congregations in Stephan (1927-1929) and Balzer (1929-1930). He was arrested in 1930 and released in 1934 at which time he left the ministry.

Maitre (Mätr), Ferdinand

Father Maitre (sometimes spelled Mätr) was born 7 March 1736, and died 5 September 1815 in Saratov. He was a member of the Order of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) and ordained on 29 September 1754. He served the parish of Schönchen from March 1803 to 24 February 1806.

Majewski, Thomas

Father Majewski served the Kamenka Parish from 1785 to 1788.

Marpurg, Alexander Gotthard Alexis

Pastor Marpurg was born 2 June 1809 in Neuhausen, Estonia. He died 22 July 1862. He was married to Charlotte Elisabeth Caroline Kieseritzky who had been born 14 May 1814 and died in 1870.

He served the Dietel parish for 27 years, from 1835 to 1862.

Masing, Ferdinand Magnus

Pastor Ferdinand Magnus Masing, son of Johann Reinhold Masing & Antoinette Elisabeth Kraft, was born 15 April 1815 in Reval [now Tallinn]. He died on 8 November 1887 in Jamma, near Esela, now Saaremaa, Estonia. He married on 28 August 1842 in Groß-St. Johannis Lutheran Church to Anna Henriette Emilie Petsch. She had been born on 9 March 1821 and died 15 February 1900 in Dorpat (now Tartu), Estonia.

He studied theology at the University of Dorpat. He was ordained on 12 August 1842 in Reval.

May, Gottlieb

Pastor May served the Dietel parish from 1772 to 1774. He is known to have been active in the Katharinenstadt parish in 1778.