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Huck (Huck)

Johannes Huck, son of Andreas Huck & Albertina Margaretha Brodbecker, was born 11 April 1734 in Wächtersbach, Isenburg, Hessen. He married Augusta Maria Zepper, daughter of Georg Wilhelm Zepper & Charlotte Messer. She was born 25 April 1728 in Büdingen, Isenburg, Hessen. They have three known children, all born in Wächtersbach: Jakob Wilhelm (b. 20 November 1753); Georg Philipp (b. 10 March 1757); and Katharina Elisabeth (b. 19 May 1761).

Ickes / Ix (Grimm)

Georg Yckes, son of Johann Yckes (ca.1686 – 22 January 1747) & Anna Gertraut (surname unknown), was born on 13 October 1736 in Romrod near Alsfeld. He married in Büdingen on 7 April 1766 to Anna Barbara Schäfer, daughter of Jacob Schäfer (b. 11 January 1695) & Catharina Euler (born 6 March 1701). She was born on 26 April 1745 in nearby Ehringshausen.

They immigrated to Russia and settled in Grimm where they are recorded on the 1767 Census in Household No. 75.

In 1791, Johann Just Icks moved from Grimm to Hussenbach.

Ickes / Ix (Kutter)

Johann Balthasar Ickes, son of Johannes Ickes (1712-1784) & Anna Maria Wagener (1711-1788), was born 1 June 1740 in Altenstadt, just west of Büdingen. At some point, he moved to the nearby town of Friedberg.

Balthasar immigrated to Russia arriving from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 8 August 1766. He settled  in the Volga German colony of Kutter on 8 July 1767 as is recorded there on the 1767 census in Household No. 7 along with his new bride. They are also recorded in Kutter on the 1798 Census in Household No. Kt16.

Idt (Krasnoyar)

Johann Heinrich Idt was born about 1729 in Ruppertsburg, southwest of Laubach. He and his wife Anna had at least six children: (1) Johann Konrad, born about 1751; (2) Anna Elisabeth, born about 1753; (3) Anna Elisabeth, born about 1755; (4) Anna Barbara, born about 1758; (5) Johannes, born about 1762; and (6) Anna Margaretha, born about 1766.

The immigrated to Russia, arriving from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 29 August 1766 aboard a ship under the command of skipper Johann Skott.

Il(l)s / El(l)s

Johannes Ils, son of Johannes Ils & Dorothea Zacharias, was born in the village of Schlotzau and baptized on 19 March 1725 in nearby Langenschwarz, northeast of Schlitz. He married on 21 August 1755 in Langenschwarz to Magdalena Hartmann, daughter of Johannes & Anna Barbara Hartmann, and widow of Johann Georg Schössler. They had at least four children, each baptized in Langenschwarz: (1) Anna Katharina, born 3 October 1756; (2) Adam, born 25 October 1759, died 19 March 1762; (3) Johann Nicholas, born 22 December 1761; and (4) Johann Adam, born 16 July 1764.


Georg Ferdinand Iphöffer, son of Jerg Ferdinand Iphöffer & Catharina Hirsch, was born in 1711 in Germany. He married in Berwangen, northeast of Eppingen, to Anna Susanna Katharina Dünch in 1734. She was born in about 1710. They have at least 6 children, all born in Heinsheim, southwest of Gundelsheim: Eva Katharina (born 4 March 1738), Magdalena (born 23 March 1740), Dorothea (born 4 September 1744), Eva Salome (born 28 April 1746), Bernhard (born 11 March 1748), and Michael (born 18 June 1752).


Johann Heinrich Iskam, son of Friedrich Izkam, married Cornelia. They have at least one son Johann Georg who was baptized 25 June 1747 in Vonhausen. Cornelia evidently died because Johann Heinrich is recorded marrying again in Vonhausen on 26 November 1761 to Catharina Dörr, daughter of Johannes Dörr. Catharina was baptized in Hüttengesas on 25 June 1727. They have at least two children born before leaving for Russia: Ernst (birth unverified) and Anna Dorothea (baptized on 16 April 1765 in Vonhausen).

Jäger (Grimm)

Anton Jäger, son of Johann Konrad Jäger & Anna Katharina Dönges, was born 9 July 1717 and baptized 11 July 1717 in the Evangelical Church in Spachbrücken, southeast of Darmstadt. He married Eva Margaretha Landzettel, daughter of Ludwig Landzettel, on 15 January 1743 in Spachbrücken. Eva Margaretha had been born on 21 October 1717 in nearby Habitzheim. They had two daughters: (1) Elisabetha Barbara, born in 1747; and (2) Eva Margaretha, born in 1751.

Jäckel / Jäkel (Beideck)

Johann Valentin Jäckel was born in Wald-Michelbach (west of Weinheim in Hessen) on 19 April 1720. He married in Wald-Michelbach on 17 January 1751 to Anna Margaretha Hild. She had been born on 3 September 1725. They immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein).

Anna Margaretha died in either Denmark or in route to Russia because on 16 April 1766, Valentin married Barbara Heizenröder in Lübeck before boarding the ship to sail for Russia.

The family settled in Beideck.

Jacobi / Jacoby (Dönhof)

Johann Jacob Jacobi married Anna Maria Stauch, and they had six known children, each baptized in the Evangelical Church of Neunstetten, 30 kilometers east of Heilbronn: (1) Hans Michael, on 17 October 1748; (2) Hans (Johann) Wilhelm, on 17 February 1751; (3) Johann Jacob, on 3 February 1755; (4) Johann Valentin, on 28 January 1757; (5) Georg Philipp, on 26 October 1759; and (6) Friedrich Eberhard, on 15 May 1763.