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Santa Rosa, Departamento Paraná, Entre Ríos Province

Santa Rosa was founded on 10 October 1893 by Volga Germans. It is located between the Río Gualeguay and the big valleys, near the train station of Nueva Vizcaya. In 2004, they established a museum dedicated to the preservation of the customs and traditions of the Volga Germans.

San Antonio, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province

In January of 1887, nineteen families from Huck immigrated to the region of Pehuajó Norte in the southern part of Entre Ríos Province of Argentina. They had traveled through Saratov to Germany where they boarded a ship that took 28 days to reach Buenos Aires.

After three days in Buenos Aires they traveled again by boat up the Paraná River to Diamante where they disambarked and proceeded to the colony of Protestante. Here a former neighbor from Huck, Heinrich Herdt and his wife Anna María Hergenreder with their children Philipp, Johannes, and Katharina, were living.

San Francisco, Departamento Diamente, Entre Ríos Province

San Francisco was founded along Arañas Creek in Entre Ríos Province in 1878 by settlers from the Volga German colony of Pfeifer, and because of this was also called Pfeifer.

San Isidor, Departamento Federal, Entre Ríos Province

Colonia San Isidro was officially founded 12 February 1923 by 78 Volga German families. The land area assigned for San Isidro was 10,800 hectars designated for agricultural use.

Crespo, Departamento Paraná, Entre Ríos Province

The colony of San José was founded on 14 April 1888 in the Paraná Departamento (District) in Entre Ríos. It was named after Ignacio Crespo Rodríguez. It was located about 1 kilometer from the railroad station at Crespo. The population (approximately 10,000) is almost entirely descendants of Volga Germans who began arriving in Argentina in 1875.

San Juan, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province

Several newly arrived Volga German families in Entre Ríos Province were invited by a German diplomat, Johannes Spangenberg, to buy his land in Pehuajo Norte where he had an "estancia" (hacienda or large farm) with his brother Jacob. On this land called "Campos Floridos" (Flowery Prairies) three new villages were founded on 27 February 1889: San Antonio, Santa Celia, and San Juan.      There were 18 Volga German families who founded San Juan: (1) Johannes Mohr (age 55) from Bauer and his wife Elisabeth?

San Miguel, Departamento Nogoyá, Entre Ríos Province

San Miguel was founded on 21 May 1899.

The following from Valle María and surrounding area were founders of Colonía San Miguel:

  • Antonio Seib
  • Adán Gassmann
  • Miguel Neiff
  • Eduardo Oberlein
  • José Dreher
  • Matías Gassmann
  • Pedro Neiff
  • Conrado Krapp (from El Chaleco)
  • Pedro Schunk
  • Federico Schweigert
  • José Gerstner
  • Nicolás Kessler
  • Andrés Krapp
  • Felipe Derfler (from El Chaleco)